About Me

Annyeong (Hello in Korean) 👋

I’m Jooyoung, a UX researcher and designer from South Korea, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Born and raised in Seoul where the latest technologies are rapidly embraced into everyday human lives, I felt the need to explore methods and technologies of creating user-centric interfaces and experience. Holding a flexible yet critical attitude to technologies, I am interested in involving actual users into the design process.

How are technologies transforming human lives and behaviors from a very individual level to societal, and political level? What can designers do to improve people’s lives? And how can we design products or service systems embracing different individuals’ lives and promoting their sustainable well-being?

Using my interdisciplinary background ranging from Pedagogy, Information Science to Industrial Design Engineering, I carry out thorough research on users’ context, utilizing qualitative or quantitative user research methodologies and design thinking approach. I often facilitate collaborative design sessions like contextmapping and co-creation workshops to fully understand target contexts and incorporate diverse stakeholders’ interests. I conceptualize products, service systems and design physical/digital/hybrid interactive experiences, using graphic design, codes, and rapid prototyping skills.

CV Resume(PDF)